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Facility Request Form

*If you selected Other, Bris, or Baby Naming please indicate tent use hours required and day use of synagogue.

   Hours of Security (4 hour Minimum)
   Hours of Tent Use (Member)
   Hours of Tent Use (Non-Member)
   Days of Synagogue Use

Security is optional and may be required at the discretion of Office Staff, Board of Directors, and Security Team. 

All facility usage is subject to availability and are subject to any and all Halachic Rules set forth by the Rabbi.

Synagogue Members receive priority.

Please select rental equipment from our list of available equipment below. 


*Note: Standard Shabbat Kiddush Set-Up is 14 Round Tables and 7 Banquet Tables. 

Round tables seat 8-10 people each. 



Catering Details

If you plan on serving food at your event please fill out the following section. 

Kitchen Contract:

1. Supplies must be delivered before Shabbat begins.

2. Menu must be reviewed and approved by Mashgiach prior to event.

3. Portion of food prepared for Shabbat Kiddush must be set aside for Seudah Shlishit.

4. All paper goods and drinks must be provided.

5. Leftovers can be picked up after Shabbat and discarded on the Monday after the event.

In general kitchen is set-up for Fleishik (Meat) Conversion to Milchik (Dairy) is up to the discretion of the Senior Rabbi. 

Please keep in mind the kitchen is equipped for preparation, not necessarily cooking or baking.

*Caterer must provide enough food for all members and guests


   Hours of Prep Time (Expected)
   Number of People Assisting in Preparation
   Number of Servers
   Number of People Helping Clean Up After Event

Kiddush Options

Self Catered - Fee is for 5 hours of Kitchen Use

Outside Catering (With Kitchen use) - Fee is for 4 hours of prep, 1 hour day of event kitchen use.

Outside Catering (Mashgiach Only) - Fee is for 4 hours of prep, 1 hour day of the event. 

Outside Caterers not using an approved Mashgiach must be done by a caterer who uses an approved mashgichim agency. Please reference our list of approved vendors. All other vendors must be approved by contacting the Synagogue Office. 

Select if you would like to be the exclusive sponsor for kiddush.

Additional Payment Information


*All aliyot after shared honors such as Yarzheit, Aufrof, Baby Naming, or Bris

Standard fees charged per day for any use of facilities.

We have a $200 refundable deposit which will be returned after the completion of your event. If damages and cleaning exceeds $200 you will be billed separately. 

If you plan to dispose of your own decorations and perform your own clean up, please contact the Beth Jacob office. 

I understand that the Total Estimated Financial Commitment is subject to change prior to confirmation of event scheduling with the designated Event Coordinator. 

Scheduling is dependent on facility availability. Members get facility priority.

If you have any financial constraints or require special accommodations, please contact the Beth Jacob Office. 

Wed, April 25 2018 10 Iyyar 5778