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Rabbi's Note

Dear Friends,

It is truly an honor for me to welcome you once again as members of the Beth Jacob Family. We are gratified that our Sephardic members have rejoined Beth Jacob and we are looking forward to renewed unity, opportunities and growth. It is our heartfelt hope and tfilah/prayer that you (and your family) will find much inspiration, camaraderie, knowledge, friendship and gratification in our Beth Jacob home.  Continue

President's Note

Dear Beth Jacob Sisters and Brothers,


I am honored to invite you to join with me for another year of friendship, support and kedusha – holiness, within the loving embrace of our Beth Jacob of Irvine community.  As I look ahead to a year of opportunities to celebrate, connect and help one another, I am strengthened by our twenty nine-year history of doing remarkable and wonderful things for each other, and for Jews the world over.   Continue

Sephardi Note

Shana Tova Umetuka!

As we begin the New Year we are looking forward to the renewed partnership with Beth Jacob and to an energized year. With all that is going on in the world—in Europe, in the Middle East and of course in Israel—the achdut amongst our people is of the utmost importance. We each need to do our share as shalom and achdut is our greatest zchut.  Continue

Wed, June 28 2017 4 Tammuz 5777