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Beth Jacob Congregation of Irvine

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Welcome to Beth Jacob Congregation of Irvine

Beth Jacob Congregation of Irvine (BJI) is The Shul of Orange County, CA. We are an innovative and warm Modern Orthodox synagogue, and the only synagogue in the area with up to three minyans a day.  

On our campus, we offer a full range of both Ashkenazic and Sephardic services and classes for all ages.


Beth Jacob is home to the first and only Jewish Montessori Preschool in Orange County and a beautiful women's mikveh in a spa-like setting.


With an ever-growing, diverse membership, BJI enjoys a blend of Jews from many different backgrounds. Our mix of Americans, Brits, Europeans, Israelis, Persians, South Americans, Russians, and South Africans creates a unique flavor which permeates our environment, and fosters an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.

Our Annual Graduate Lunch and Island of Achievement is June 21st. 

Dear Friends of all Ages,

 Last year we started An Island of Achievement, a display at the Graduate Lunch of our wonderful congregant accomplishments during the year. It was a table bursting with assorted art work, and writings.

 Because it was a success and we learned about the many accomplishments in our community, we are repeating the event.

Do you have art work, a certificate in any subject, an award,

something you created, wrote, had published, some accomplishment that would inspire others? The possibilities are many.

 Please send an email  if you are interested in participating.  

 We look forward to celebrating with you all.


Please email a photo and a short bio of your Olam, 8th, 12th and College/University Graduate to

Sponsor the Lunch in honor of your graduate!



Beth Jacob Classes, Now on YouTube!

If you would like to see more videos like this one, click here to visit Beth Jacob Congregation of Irvine's YouTube channel and view more classes from Rabbi Ciner.

Tue, 2 September 2014 7 Elul 5774