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Here at Beth Jacob, education for all ages for all levels is of paramount importance. In the Mishkan Tabernacle, the Cherubim, angel-like images, were perched upon the Ark containing the Luchot Tablets and the Torah written by Moshe. These Cherubim, with their wings reaching out to one another, represent the loving, longing relationship between Israel and G-d. As their placement over the Torah teaches that it is through Torah study that our relationship with G-d is built, strengthened and energized, we place great emphasis on all aspects of Torah study.

For the youth, we have our Yedidim Youth Groups running each Shabbat in addition to special events and programming. A Torah enrichment class is led weekly by Rabbi Ciner giving the children hands-on textual learning and experience. Of course, Bar and Bat Mitzvah training is offered at the shul.

Our adult education ranges from a daily Daf Yomi to Hebrew classes masterfully taught by Uzi Yair. The other offered classes include: Beginners Talmud, Prophets, Judaism 101 using the parsha as a springboard for discussion and analysis of concepts in Judaism, Crash Course in Basic Judaism, Lunch & Learn, Talmud b’Ivrit, and more.

Come and claim the rich, lasting teachings and heritage that is yours.

Mon, February 17 2020 22 Shevat 5780